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We all have troubles coping with life’s challenges now and then. But sometimes things get worse. That’s when you may consider talking to a professional.

Many painful experiences, including depression, anxiety, relationship trouble, and troubles succeeding or finding satisfaction in work or love, can be successfully addressed in psychotherapy or coaching.

When you get the choice to sit it out or to dance, I hope you dance.

— Lee Ann Womack

Professional Background

I’m a trained and licensed clinical psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapist and trauma therapist (EMDR) with over 15 years of experience in hospital, clinic and private practice.


How to get in Touch

Unfortunately my waiting list is often long and sometimes even closed. A first step might be to find out, if a „Sprechstunde“ is available: „Sprechstunden“ are pre-therapy appointments to find out, if therapy is what you really need or if I would recommend something else. And of course a „Sprechstunde“ might be the right place to find out, if therapy with me would even be a good fit (and my waiting list evena an option). Appointments for a „Sprechstunde“ can only be made with my assistent, during her phone times: FInd out more here.

Claudia Frey
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